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Date: 17/03/21

There’s an accessory for everyone


Stack 'em high… 

Struggling to fit all your gear in the van? Our TrekDror stacking kit allows you to easily and safely stack multiple TrekDrors on top of each other, being able to stack your TrekDror allows you to maximise your space in the van, with no wasted space on top! This is a major step forward in improving efficiency, ensuring you can always take your tools with you whilst on the move. No tools are left unsecured.


Don't risk it. Secure it. 

Add yet another layer of security to your tools whilst in transit by securing your TrekDrors with our mounting kit. Mounting your TrekDror to your van or workshop is crucial for stability and security, it's made easy with our kit; hold the brackets in place and secure the bolts into holes that you have predrilled in the floor of your workshop or vehicle. Simple.

Keep your tools tidy, thanks to the TrekDror dividers. 

Our TrekDror dividers bring the ease of organisation to your tools; each pack contains three dividers which can be placed in 8 different configurations, giving you plenty of options to organise your tools in a way that best suits you! 

Added protection 

Our fine fluted rubber TrekDror mats provide excellent grip, and are an essential to preventing damage to both your tools and your TrekDror. Simply place the mat inside the bottom of the draw to fit, and pile in your kit!

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