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Date: 25/03/21

Celebrating the OxBox

Guess what? The Armorgard OxBox has been trusted for over 10 years - protecting tools and deterring theft for a whole decade! To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 reasons why we’re celebrating the OxBox...

1. It’s been around for 10 years!

The fact that the OxBox has been trusted by people to secure tools for over 10 years is our first reason to celebrate. It’s certainly not the new kid on the block!

2. It’s now better than ever...

With a decade of feedback behind the redesign, our in-house designers have taken the OxBox to a whole new level.

3. The OxBox just does the job.

This simple and dependable solution means that although budget-friendly, you can still trust an OxBox to do its job.

4. Proven to protect!

A thick layer of protection to make thieves think twice. Every product that carries the Armorgard name has earned it - ask for security, ask for the best, #AskForArmorgard.

5. Super easy to transport.

Got a forklift? Use the built-in forklift pockets. Need castors? It’s an easy fix. It’s super straightforward to transport the OxBox around sites, so they can be placed right where you need them.

6. An OxBox for every situation!

Looking for a particular size? We’ve got it. The OxBox range comes in 6 different sizes. So whether you’re looking for van tool security on the move or keeping equipment stored away on site, there’s an OxBox in hand to help with every situation. 

7. Helping heroes...

In April 2020, the OxBox played a huge part in helping the ‘Face Visors For Heroes’ project during the difficult first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The OxBox was used by the Concrete Carrot team as a contact-free collection point for face visors they were making, that were being delivered by volunteers to frontline key workers.

8. Star of the #ArmorgardSpotted!

With a knack for getting spotted at the most compelling of places, the library of OxBox #ArmorgardSpotted photos are worthy of a reason to celebrate!

9. Next day delivery!

Celebrate with an OxBox. It’s in stock, ready for immediate despatch. Our Sydney warehouse is full of them!

10. The OxBox love is all around...

Got an OxBox? Snap a photo and send it to [email protected] with the hashtag #ArmorgardSpotted.

The Armorgard OxBox range is in stock at our warehouse now, available for immediate despatch!