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Date: 16/02/23

From concept to completion

At Armorgard, we’re renowned for our strength, top quality design and innovative products. But did you know that our in-house R&D team is at the heart of every Armorgard product? Our team of eight engineers work tirelessly to ensure every product hits the mark! 


Our products are born from conversations with site managers who raise concerns of health and security related risks they are experiencing when on the jobsite. We work with them on how we can manufacture products that will minimize these risks. 


Getting down to design:

In the early stages of the product development process, our designers work with CAD (computer-aided design) modeling software. This allows them to visualize, refine and manipulate virtual products prior to production. These 3D designs will be identical in dimension and detail, ensuring quality and accuracy.

We’re lucky enough to have an in-house 3D printer too. This helps speed up the design and production process as we can rapidly produce prototypes before we receive a physical product from our supplier, the full development of a product can take months, so this helps save time and resources.

Almost there:

We take our prototypes out on site trials to collect feedback from end users and site managers, this helps us to perfect the product before its sent to market. These improvements are made, then it’s ready to use on site! 

Not only do our products increase jobsite safety, and security, they also ensure that jobs are carried out with best practice, in the most efficient way!