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Date: 02/02/23

Combatting construction strains

Construction sites are known for being very hands-on, involving a lot of manual labour, awkward postures and repetitive movements that cause physical strain.

Take it from us. We’ve visited thousands of sites, and spoken to countless construction workers who have been affected by injuries on site. With real, honest feedback, we were able to come up with innovative solutions.

As experts in the field, here are some top tips to combat construction strains:

Reduce movements that add strain 

Twisting, crouching, and reaching every time you try to move something large or awkward, can add strain. Thank yourself later by minimising this physical movement with our board trolleys, the perfect solution for moving sheet materials, such as plasterboard and glass.

There's no time for tangles

Work smarter, not harder. Do you need to keep your spools of cable close to where you’re working? The SpoolKart helps do just that: being mobile, it’s easy to keep your spools by your side, organised and tidy with its three anti-tangle cable dispensers to save you the headache of tangled cables!

Make your movement flexible 

Share the load. Having a product like the Armorgard FlexiKart is ideal for moving up to 750kg of large, awkward materials through small spaces, perfect for a busy construction site.Can you see areas of your site that would benefit from one (or all!) of these solutions? If so, give us a call on +61 1300 131 751 for more information.