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Date: 10/08/22

Tried, tested, reliable.

The Armorgard TuffBank. It's tried… it's tested… and it's reliable.   

It’s the industry benchmark for both quality and safety 

We don't expect you to just take our word for it…

James, a skilled Carpenter, had seen the OxBox around sites previously, and it had caught his eye. He decided to start researching our range for himself. From that, he was told that the OxBox was “the most secure and safe site box they have ever bought”. 

The OxBox is known for its effective security with no-frills. It keeps your tools safe, and locked up, where you left them. It's so dependable that “when thieves see the box, they are detoured from even trying to break in”.

James explored our range further to see what security box was best for his needs and he decided on the TB2 Tuffbank

He said: “What I find to be the standout features of the TB2 is the internal locking system and the anti jemmy features”. These are all features that helped it gain the Sold Secure and Secured by Design accreditation!

James' favourite feature of the TB2 is the “cord slot, it allows me to run an extension cable to my box to keep everything together”. This unique feature helps keep devices secure whilst charging, without damaging any wires.

So, if you're looking for a box designed with both high-level security and functionality in mind, speak to the team on +61 1300 131 751