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Date: 13/05/22

Construction’s top 4

We get that running a construction project can be complicated! We've pulled together the top 4 products that will make your life simpler on site.

One less thing to think about sounds good, right?


For best practice, use the CuttingStation:

Saving site space, minimising noise, dust and fire risks. All whilst ensuring the best practice is used when cutting materials. The CuttingStation SS7 has construction under control. An all-in-one addition that you know you need.

The RubbleTruck, taking the weight off your shoulders:

Moving waste and rubble around a construction site is always a laborious task, not to mention the strain it puts on workers' backs. And that’s part of the reason behind the launch of the RubbleTruck! Uniquely designed with solid, puncture proof wheels, and a built-in tipping feature that prevents it from tipping over. It even has a capacity of 750kg!

Fittings all over the floor? Use the FittingStor!

This mobile storage cabinet keeps your fixtures and fittings both organised and secure. Finding the exact part you need has never been easier! The FittingStor will make the running of your construction site even more efficient and fast paced.

Your tools secured with the TuffBank

Known for its robust construction and secure anti-jemmy features, the TuffBank is one of the toughest on the market. Have piece of mind that your tools and equipment will stay where you left them, ready to crack out another day's work!

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