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Date: 07/05/10

Armorgard or Armour Guard - the best way to find us

The different spellings of Armorgard, and one legendary brand.

Armorgard is a specialist manufacturer of renowned tool storage and manual handling products and is headquartered in Fareham, Hampshire, where the original Armorgard engineers and marketers set out to create a line of durable, secure "site-boxes" over 30 years ago.

Above and beyond that legendary, signature red and black exterior, instantly recognised, Armorgard invests a lot of energy, time and money into R&D. We get tremendous satisfaction out of designing and providing unique, high-value and easy-to-use solutions, for a wide variety of needs. 

We develop and sell our products and make them readily accessible and available throughout numerous trade channels across the UK, Europe and further afield. 

In addition to the famous Strongbank, Tuffbank and Oxbox tool safes, Armorgard offers a full line of professional grade specialty equipment storage, work platforms and units and manual handling products, designed to perform specific tasks:  CuttingStation is a neat, mobile workstation for cutting timber, cable tray and pipe; Forma-Stor is our quick-assembly, modular solution for on-site secure storage; our ergonomically designed 400 litre capacity multi-purpose Rubble Truck, ideal for handling site waste; and the CuttingStation Xtract is a neat, mobile workstation and dust extraction management unit. 

We like to think our products have memorable and easily remembered names. Of course, the various different spellings of the name Armorgard are used in different countries:



Armour Guard 

Armour Gard 

Armor Guard 







However, to confirm, the correct way is Armorgard!


Armorgard logo

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